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Secrets in the Garden – Perth Wellness Festival

Secrets in the Garden Event Photography by Kelvin Chong

Perth’s annual Secrets in the Garden event seeks to inspire women to make a positive impact on the world.  

Featuring numerous celebrity keynote speakers, informative workshops and a variety of support services, Perth’s premier wellness event empowers women to discover more of life’s secrets in the areas of wealth, relationships, health, beauty, food and more.

Mauritian Sega Dance Group

Beautiful Dancers from the Mauritian Sega Dance Group

Having been involved in the official event photography from the beginning, I love seeing this empowered women’s festival grow each year.  

Women practicing Yoga by Yoga Tree Perth

Morning Yoga practise with Yoga Tree Perth in the Belvoire Amphitheatre, Swan Valley

As I scurry from the main stage to the various wellness workshops, and navigate my way through each exhibitors booth, my heart beats with excitement as I capture those “A-ha! Lightbulb moments”.  The expressions are priceless as each festival participant receives that specific insight or wisdom they’re seeking. 

Arabelle Yee - Mindset and Sound Healing

Arabelle Yee shares her personal development journey and treats guests to a sound healing experience

Perth Bloggers and VIP Guests in the Media Tent

Popular Perth bloggers and VIP Guests in the Media Tent

Besides taking photos of the event, I also capture snippets of video footage so the event organiser Amy Radunz and her marketing team have a wide choice of promotional material to launch on social media and websites.

Amy Radunz shares her marketing tips

Amy Radunz shares her marketing tips & secrets

Event Photography - more than just taking pretty photos

Event photography to me is so much more than just documenting the activities of the day.  

For me, event photography is about stepping into the shoes of the event organiser and each stall holder.   Each of these courageous heart centred entrepreneurs have a gift that they want to share with the world.  A gift that will help others and ultimately make the world a better place.

My mission is to present this amazing event in it’s best light so that more people will be aware of Secrets in the Garden and are keen to attend next year, or seek out the various vendors directly online.

Here are some of exhibitors I had the pleasure of meeting.

Hippie Kombucha

Refreshingly delicious Kombucha by Emma and Greg from Hippie Kombucha

Pantry Label Shop by Tanya Mac Inspired

Pantry Label Shop by Tanya Mac Inspired

Goodlife Health Clubs

Goodlife Health Clubs - Latest Gym Equipment, Les Mills Group Fitness Classes, 24-7 Access

Glamping Co with Kellie Germain

International Swimsuit Model Kellie Germain loves Luxury Glamping in Style

As you can see by the event photos it was a brilliant day outdoors at the Belvoire Amphitheathre in the Swan Valley, surrounded by love, energy and fun!

More Event Photos from Secrets in the Garden are available on our Image Style Studio Facebook page.

If you love to be inspired or are interested in Health & Wellness I hope to see you and your family & friends at Secrets in the Garden next year!

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