Nicole Tan in Boudoir Photo Studio

Perth Fitness Photography – Nicole Tan IFBB

Congratulations to Nicole Tan for winning 2 international bikini fitness competitions in a row! Nicole is one of our dear clients we’ve had the joy of photographing recently at Image Style Studio.

Nicole Tan wins IFBB Bikini Competition

Originally from Singapore, Nicole has grown up in Perth and is now living her life’s purpose as a personal trainer and an International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Bikini competitor working towards earning her pro card.

“As a trainer and coach I aim to help as many people as possible achieve their goals and live the happiest healthiest they can! It brings me joy to help people transform their bodies and love the skin they are in.”

Although Nicole has won 2 International competitions (in Singapore and Vietnam), achieving this has been a tremendous task for Nicole. You see, Nicole is an ectomorph, which means she naturally finds it difficult to gain weight or add muscle.  Hence her dedication to transforming her body and achieving her dreams is truly inspiring.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal, but its the strength and resilience you have to keep going that counts”

If you’re looking for Personal Fitness Trainer in Perth, especially one that specialises in ectomorphs, connect with Nicole at

Nicole's Fitness & Boudoir Photos

by Kelvin Chong

Nicole Tan Fitness Studio Photos by Kelvin Chong

In these studio shots I used two 3ft strip soft boxes to achieve a softer feminine look for Nicole, while maintaining enough contrast to preserve her muscle definition.  Old school iron weights came in handy to complete this fitness figure photo.

Nicole Tan Fitness Model

Feminine vs Masculine. Here I’ve juxtaposed an angel in white against a couple of huge dirt tyres.  An overcast day in Perth has provided beautiful soft light for glamour photography, while some fill flash is shot through a beauty dish to enhance Nicole's muscle definition.

Nicole Tan in Luxury Boudoir Suite

Baby got back! Nicole shows her fine form. The warm burgundy tones of her active sportswear compliments our luxury boudoir suite at Image Style Studio.

Nicole Tan poses in the luxury boudoir suite
Nicole Tan shows her fine form at Image Style Studio

Experimenting with peaches and cream! Nicole’s peachy bodysuit works well with the neutral creamy beige tones in our french inspired boudoir set.

I hope you've enjoyed these fitness and boudoir style photos.  If you would love to experience your own luxury boudoir photo session, check out our latest Boudoir Photography Packages at Image Style Studio.

Perth Boudoir & Family Portrait Christmas Gift Idea

Let’s get personal this Christmas!

With only a few weeks till Christmas, I hope you’ve got your Christmas shopping under control.  If you’re anything like me, you might be scratching your head wondering what’s something special I can gift to loved ones?

Consider getting personal this year and gifting beautiful photos of yourself or family.  

All our wall art and premium prints have a lifetime guarantee. This means the clarity and colour will look gorgeous up to a 100 years from now. Beautiful boudoir or family portraits grow in value and will be enjoyed for many years to come. 

If you think personalised wall art sounds like a great idea, check out our latest Boudoir Photography Packages at Image Style Studio.

To ensure your wall-art and prints are ready for Christmas, your shoot must be completed by Sunday December 9th. This only gives us a few weeks to make magic happen.

Alternatively you can order a Gift Certificate for yourself or someone special, and book the photo session anytime next year.

Best wishes for the festive season ahead!


Family Portrait 21st Birthday

Happy 21st Birthday Maria!

It was a real pleasure helping Maria celebrate her 21st Birthday today with a family portrait session at Image Style Studio.   She wanted a combination of personal portraits of herself in her bling fashion dress as well as naturally candid photos with her beautiful family.

With our modern lifestyles racing at a faster pace than ever, it's special moments like these that deserve some time to be celebrated and photographed in the best light to enjoy forever.

Maria 21st Birthday Portrait
Maria 21st Birthday Portrait

First time in a photo studio in front of a professional photographer, Maria showed a hint of shyness at the beginning of the shoot. Thankfully her bubbly personality came through within minutes, showing the super star she really is!

Her fashion choice of sparkly gold dress really complimented her warm skin tones, resulting in a stunning beautiful portrait.

Family Portrait Session with Maria

Well done to Maria’s parents who have done well to raise two gorgeous daughters!  We can definitely see where they've inherited their beautiful smiles from.

Photography by Kelvin Chong @ Image Style Studio

Secrets in the Garden – Perth Wellness Festival

Secrets in the Garden Event Photography by Kelvin Chong

Perth’s annual Secrets in the Garden event seeks to inspire women to make a positive impact on the world.  

Featuring numerous celebrity keynote speakers, informative workshops and a variety of support services, Perth’s premier wellness event empowers women to discover more of life’s secrets in the areas of wealth, relationships, health, beauty, food and more.

Mauritian Sega Dance Group

Beautiful Dancers from the Mauritian Sega Dance Group

Having been involved in the official event photography from the beginning, I love seeing this empowered women’s festival grow each year.  

Women practicing Yoga by Yoga Tree Perth

Morning Yoga practise with Yoga Tree Perth in the Belvoire Amphitheatre, Swan Valley

As I scurry from the main stage to the various wellness workshops, and navigate my way through each exhibitors booth, my heart beats with excitement as I capture those “A-ha! Lightbulb moments”.  The expressions are priceless as each festival participant receives that specific insight or wisdom they’re seeking. 

Arabelle Yee - Mindset and Sound Healing

Arabelle Yee shares her personal development journey and treats guests to a sound healing experience

Perth Bloggers and VIP Guests in the Media Tent

Popular Perth bloggers and VIP Guests in the Media Tent

Besides taking photos of the event, I also capture snippets of video footage so the event organiser Amy Radunz and her marketing team have a wide choice of promotional material to launch on social media and websites.

Amy Radunz shares her marketing tips

Amy Radunz shares her marketing tips & secrets

Event Photography - more than just taking pretty photos

Event photography to me is so much more than just documenting the activities of the day.  

For me, event photography is about stepping into the shoes of the event organiser and each stall holder.   Each of these courageous heart centred entrepreneurs have a gift that they want to share with the world.  A gift that will help others and ultimately make the world a better place.

My mission is to present this amazing event in it’s best light so that more people will be aware of Secrets in the Garden and are keen to attend next year, or seek out the various vendors directly online.

Here are some of exhibitors I had the pleasure of meeting.

Hippie Kombucha

Refreshingly delicious Kombucha by Emma and Greg from Hippie Kombucha

Pantry Label Shop by Tanya Mac Inspired

Pantry Label Shop by Tanya Mac Inspired

Goodlife Health Clubs

Goodlife Health Clubs - Latest Gym Equipment, Les Mills Group Fitness Classes, 24-7 Access

Glamping Co with Kellie Germain

International Swimsuit Model Kellie Germain loves Luxury Glamping in Style

As you can see by the event photos it was a brilliant day outdoors at the Belvoire Amphitheathre in the Swan Valley, surrounded by love, energy and fun!

More Event Photos from Secrets in the Garden are available on our Image Style Studio Facebook page.

If you love to be inspired or are interested in Health & Wellness I hope to see you and your family & friends at Secrets in the Garden next year!

Kelvin Chong Photography Perth

Photography and Passions blog begins

G'day! Welcome to my personal blog dedicated to sharing various aspects of my portrait photography, creative projects and life adventures.

My Purpose

My purpose in life is to help empower others to live their passion everyday.   

I endeavour to help by inspiring, sharing and celebrating my family, friends, clients and of course my dear blog readers 🙂

Having faced many business & life challenges in my 20 years as an entrepreneur I’ve discovered my highest value I bring to the world is innovation and implementation.  Basically I love problem solving, finding creative solutions and putting them to action.

My Passions

I’m PASSIONATE about..

  • Helping everyday women discover the truth of their beauty and gain confidence via our award winning Glamour Makeover transformations and Sexy Boudoir photo sessions.
  • Celebrating life’s special moments with our Wedding & Special Event photography services.
  • Helping businesses with their visual branding (both photos and video production) and marketing strategy.
  • Sharing my passion for photography with fellow photography enthusiasts by facilitating a variety of Beginners Photography Courses and Workshops at Camera Club Australia. (
  • Coaching and Mentoring photographers to grow their photography business successfully.

My other PASSIONS..

  • I have an adorable baby daughter named Khloe.
  • I have an amazing wife Katherine who helps tirelessly behind the scenes, enabling me to be out in front and help more people.
  • I love dancing! Sh’Bam is my favourite Les Mills class, available at various Goodlife Health Clubs and other locations worldwide.  A great calorie burning workout that's easy enough to follow and complex enough to look really cool!
  • An awesome team at Image Style Studio who help me make things happen.

My Adventure

I’ll be adding to my photography and lifestyle blog as I continue my life adventures.  Perhaps I may have the honour of photographing and featuring you in the near future.

If you require any photography, design or video services please feel free to connect with me.  You can reach me on our studio phone number, personal Facebook page or our Image Style Studio Facebook page.

Whatever your dreams, let’s make it happen!

x o x 


Kelvin and Katherine

Kelvin & Katherine