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Look up the terms Corporate Headshots, Business Profile Photos, Executive Portraits and you’ll find an array of faces in a sea of suits.  Some smiling 🙂  some looking serious  😐  and some looking a little stressed 🙁

Although some staff and business owners can look very handsome wearing their favourite suit, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.   Not everyone knows how to select a well designed suit to match their personality and body type.  Some weren’t meant to wear suits all together, especially when it prevents their true essence from shining through during a corporate headshot portrait session.

Corporate Headshot - Claire Anderson

Why your Corporate Headshot / Business Online Profile is critical

In today’s business environment the way your online presence appears is critical.  Most people will see your online profile photo first (on LinkedIn, Facebook, Website) before they meet you in person.  They will form an impression of you instantly or within two seconds, according to Malcolm Gladwell author of “Blink: the Power of Thinking without Thinking.”   I’m sure anyone who has ever swiped on Tinder would agree.

Hence it’s imperative your Corporate Headshot has IMPACT!  Not only does your business headshot need to stand out from the crowd, it needs to attract and connect with your ideal audience.  Who are you trying to impress?   

Corporate Headshots for General Staff and Executives

If you’re presenting yourself for a general staff or executive position to work for a small business or large corporate, then wearing a suit may be a safe option (in most industries).   After all it’s important to look uniform when playing in a team.  Some exceptions would be in the creative industries such as media producers, designers, stylists, where individuality is encouraged.

Interview Headshots for Cabin Crew

Interview Headshots for Cabin Crew

In this Corporate Headshot example we have Catherine and Jay applying for a cabin crew position with Emirates airlines.  The job application photo requirements are quite strict with a mixture of formal photos on a clean white studio background and casual photos in an everyday environment.

Corporate Headshots for Organisations

Corporate Headshots for the Heart Foundation

The Heart Foundation is a national not-for-profit organisation dedicated to fighting heart disease, the single biggest killer of Australians.  When organising their corporate headshots for the team we had to make it as convenient and quick as possible to minimise any intrusion to their working day, especially since so many staff are involved.    

We setup our mobile flash studio in their boardroom and scheduled each staff for their headshot 2 minutes apart.   This was enough time to help each team member check their styling, adjust their clothes and hair, photograph them from a variety angles and select their best headshot.

Business Team Headshots

Corporate Team Photos for Century 21

Corporate Team Photos

Corporate Team Photos for Century 21

One of the leading real estate agencies in Perth Western Australia is Josh Brockhurst’s team at Century 21.   When Josh contacted us to update his business corporate headshots we saw an opportunity to get a little creative.  Besides taking individual professional profile headshots of each team member, we also took various combinations of team photos and a special corporate group photo in the shape of a C (for Century 21).   Now that’s one way to help your brand become more memorable and stand out from the crowd!

Corporate Headshots for Business Owners / Entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur wanting to attract your target audience it is critical you wear clothes which :

  • you’re comfortable in
  • enhance and showcase your personality
  • is in alignment with your future business success

In the following Corporate Headshot examples these Perth entrepreneurs dress to impress by creating a formal look infused with a dash of their unique personality.  Colours, textures, posing and lighting have been thoughtfully chosen to enhance their brand identity.

Glamour Headshot - Jen Atkins Health & Wellness Speaker

Glamour Headshot - Jen Atkins Health & Wellness Speaker

Jen Atkins is an inspirational speaker, health and wellness coach who works with men and women who want to lead and achieve more in life.   We’ve added a hair flick to compliment Jen’s gorgeous smile bright personality.  Her pink corduroy jacket helps convey a friendly welcoming feel while remaining professional.

Commercial Headshot - Bryan Teo - I Need Decking

Commercial Headshot - Bryan Teo - I Need Decking

Bryan Teo is the sales manager for “I Need Decking”, provider of composite decking for patios and outdoor areas.  Bryan’s choice of a contemporary grey suit for his corporate portrait presents a fresh friendly image, perfect for his audience of interior designers and home owners who are looking to create an inviting atmosphere in their homes.

Corporate Headshot - Adam Marr from Step Beyond

Corporate Headshot - Adam Marr from Step Beyond

Telstra Business Awards winner Adam Marr from “Step Beyond” provides strategic advisory services to organisations and communities.  For Adam’s corporate headshot a smart black business suit and fresh blue tie with micro metallic detail helps compliment Adam’s warm friendly smile.

Personality Portrait - Adam Murphy NBL Strength Coach

Personality Portrait - Adam Murphy NBL Strength Coach

Adam Murphy is the head strength coach for one of Australia’s leading basketball teams.  In this personality portrait a semi formal look has been created by wearing a blazer over a white t-shirt and jeans.

Corporate Headshots - Jen Pryor from Pryority Business Consulting

Corporate Headshots - Jen Pryor from Pryority Business Consulting

Pryority Business Consulting is an award winning accounting practice headed by Jen Pryor.  Accounting and Finance can be a fairly dry subject, so it was essential to add some life and personality to Jen’s website and marketing material by showcasing her personality.  For her corporate headshot photos, we’ve armed Jen with a range of popular expressions and poses in her signature blue top so she can use it in a variety of platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Promotional Photos - Lizelle Hartley from Smart Girls

Promotional Photos - Lizelle Hartley from Smart Girls

Lizelle Hartley is one of Perth’s sought after fashion and wardrobe stylists and has recently launched her new venture SmartGirls.  During her promotional photo session for the launch, Lizelle wanted a trendy lifestyle feel.  We promptly headed to the popular Fika on Brix café near our studio to capture these personality portraits lit with beautiful natural light.

Corporate Headshots for VIPs & Celebrities

If you’re an established industry leader, it is most likely that you are confident of who you are, what you stand for and have a well curated wardrobe which reflects your personality.   

In this Corporate Headshot session with Norma Needham, a pioneer in Australia’s automotive industry, we’ve photographed her with strong bold colours with plenty of texture and detail in her outfits.  This aligns well with her warm personality and gregarious charm, which also extends to her physical environment as well. 

We conducted her portrait shoot on location at her beautiful custom built mansion “Longuevue”, which has been featured on popular reality TV series like “The Bachelorette”, “Beauty & the Geek” and “My Kitchen Rules”

Click to view our Behind the Scenes video of Norma's portrait session.

Corporate Headshots for You!

Hopefully you can see there is much more to consider when organising a Corporate Headshot portrait, especially when you want to create an effective profile online that will promote you 24 / 7. 

If you’ve read this far I hope this insight into creating successful Corporate Headshots and Business Profile photos has helped you.    If you’re located in Perth and would love to update your professional headshot simply message or phone (6143 6868) for a complimentary consult. 

What our Clients think about their Corporate Headshots

Here are a couple of video testimonials from our happy Corporate Headshot clients.  Call us on 6143 6868 to see how we can help you.

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